Joined is my small collective of Fanlistings that I am a member of. This site is in conjuction with my Live Journal and as soon as I can get it up and going my domain. This site is a reflection of me and what I like, so if you have an issue with that tough cookies.

Layout Image comes from FerriCorp. Brushes Used to make layout were made by Echoica and can be found on her domain. The Fonts used in the layout are QuigleyWiggly and Occidental. Both these fonts can be found at daFont.com. Layout was made useing Adobe Photoshop CS. Layout was coded in Notepad useing my own brain. Fanlink Icons were made by me and are not to be used without consent from me, you steal you die.

Please Note: Layout is made to be used with Internet Explorer and not Fire Fox. Layout may not look good in Firefox and css does not work. I don't feel like writing out the codes to make the css work in Firefox so yeah, use IE.

If you wish to use my fanlink icons then please send me an email. Other then that, you really have no other way to get in touch with me unless you know me in person or are a friend of mine. Please be advise all Fansites will be registered to this email, so yeah...I might not see your email.

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